Collection: How to Use

The directions provided below are a guide to using HOPSTOP. You should also read the directions on the can before using the product.

1) Once you are sure you are dealing with a cane toad, hold HOPSTOP on a downwards‐directed angle of about 45o and spray the toad for 2‐3 seconds from a distance of 20 ‐ 50 cm. This helps ensure the spray is directed at, and consequently absorbed by the cane toad. One can of HOPSTOP is enough to kill 30 ‐ 40 average sized toads.

2) The toad will hop for a short time, then stop moving and flatten into a ‘hunched’ position. If you think that a lot of the spray missed the toad, apply another short spray. Large toads (more than 10 cm long) should be sprayed a second time.

3) Where possible, let the toad stay where it stops moving. It will lose consciousness and then die there. The dead toad should be collected 1-2 hours later, and placed into garbage. Do not directly handle toads whether they’re dead or alive – wear gloves, or use an implement such as a pair of tongs.

4) HOPSTOP should only be used outdoors. Do not use it inside buildings or other enclosed areas, and do not inhale the spray. Do not spray it towards yourself, other people or animals, and avoid direct application to plant foliage. Do not spray it into or over dams or fishponds.
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