A new concept for improved sterilisation.

Widely used in poultry sheds.

FUMITHOR HYGIENE provides a highly effective and unique method for improved disinfecting. FUMITHOR HYGIENE uses thermal smoke and requires no specialised equipment. To achieve thorough sterilisation, all you need to do is light the wick - that’s it! FUMITHOR HYGIENE smoke travels easily through the air, providing a superior level of disinfection since it effectively treats every surface in the room, even hard to reach areas e.g. ceilings, under benches, deep into cracks and crevices, etc.

This level of treatment simply cannot be achieved via conventional methods. Using FUMITHOR HYGIENE could not be easier, the Quick-light Wick™ guarantees release of the smoke first time, every time. After conducting standard cleaning measures, close the building or room to be treated and seal all areas the smoke could escape through.

Turn off air-conditioners and smoke alarms; place the FUMITHOR HYGIENE can on a non-flammable ground surface and light. The active ingredients in FUMITHOR HYGIENE effectively kills all bacteria present.

The areas where FUMITHOR HYGIENE can be used are virtually endless, including hospitals, surgeries, public use facilities, toilets, shipping containers, food storage facilities, cold stores, veterinary facilities, stables, poultry farms and more.

TYPE Sterilising smoke

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS 35 g/kg glutaraldehyde 70 g/kg ortho-phenylphenol

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Label - 25 g

Label - 400 g


Lighting Procedure