Natural Mineral Snail and Slug Killer
Natural Mineral Snail and Slug Killer

Natural Mineral Snail and Slug Killer

With Elemental Iron

The Only Certified Organic Input to kill Snail and Slugs

A unique component of Natural Mineral Snail and Slug Killer is elemental iron, which is a more effective natural alternative to toxic chemical baits such as metaldehyde and methiocarb, with the product displaying similar or better levels of control and protection.

In fact, all the ingredients are currently used in either food for human consumption, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics for human applications. 

The low pH in the snail’s gut activates the product and causes the snails and slugs to stop feeding, leading to the death of the molluscs. 

TYPE Ready to use pelletised bait

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS 10 g/kg iron powder

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What Our Customers Say

Thought I would get back to you with a big THANK YOU.
Mary Valley Hardware received their stock last Friday and I purchased and applied same day to my garden…………miraculously the next morning all but two slugs had been eradicated, and the two that were there were very "sluggish". I then went away for 3 days and on return found that my little plants were in wonderful condition and there are were only one or two slugs in my whole garden. Great product and have let the lettuce, flower, small crop growers in the area know so that their plants can thrive too.

Debbie Simpson, Mary Valley Hardware

As we cut pasture mulch with our forage harvestor to place around our vegetable seedlings we also bring in some snails and slugs who have a particular liking for our fresh young seedlings. Some also sneak into our greenhouse and chew on our certified Organic seedlings! That’s not on. Thanks to Protect Us Australia we are trialing the Snail and Slug Pellets that have approval as a Certified Organic Input. This product is designed to be safe for our native wildlife and domestic or farm animals too. Great news!

Tim Francis, A Taste of Paradise

I don't usually do this but I'm so happy with the results of this product. I used to hunt down dozens of slugs every night which totally grossed me out, but within 24 hours of using your slug killer - all gone. It's nice being able to go out into my garden and not have to keep an eye out for slugs. Thanks !

Theresa Chang, Wareham Partners

So impressed with your product for use on snails and slugs in a certified organic garden... the only snail pellets I’ve been able to find that are registered for use in organically certified vegetable crops here in Australia and are safe for wildlife and pets.
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Mascha Florisson, Mascha's Garden